Fashion Forward: Designers and Brands you should know! 

Dive into the heart of fashion innovation and style excellence with our meticulously curated “Fashion Hotlist – Straight Outta Germany .“ This succinct yet compelling summary spotlights the must-have brands, designers, and pieces that redefine the fashion landscape. Explore the embodiment of sophistication, celebrate bold creativity, and embrace the essence of fashion-forward living with our handpicked selections. Elevate your wardrobe, be inspired, and set your fashion compass to the hottest destinations of the moment. 

In our first September 2023 Fashion Hotlist, we shine a spotlight on the fashion entrepreneurs out of Germany. We are celebrating 10 years with our activities within the African Fashion movement. In 2013, when we embarked on our inaugural Runway Show, Africa Fashion Day Berlin, the African fashion scene in Germany was virtually nonexistent. A handful of contemporary designers, like Arrey Berlin, Noh Nee, Bisrat Negasi or Braima Soriba made some waves. Today we experience a growing fashion movement and talents that rethink their role as creatives. The “Fashion Hotlist – Straight Outta Germany “ introduces you to a diverse and innovative cadre of visionary designers poised to redefine the very essence of contemporary style and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Celebrating Black culture in fashion: is an ode to the transformative power of innovation and creativity within the industry.

From avant-garde couturiers to sustainable fashion pioneers, these rising stars are bringing fresh perspectives and unique visions to the forefront of fashion. Delve into the narratives that have shaped these avant-garde designers and brands. Discover the sources of inspiration, the philosophies underpinning their creations. Through meticulous curation, we unveil their collections, highlighting the design nuances that distinguish them, and heralding the emergence of a new, dynamic era in fashion.

Each of these burgeoning brands represents a unique facet of the ever-evolving fashion tapestry, each thread woven with passion, audacity, and a profound reverence for craftsmanship. Beyond their exquisite garments lies a profound ethos—an ethos driven by sustainability, inclusivity, or a singular artistic vision.

For the connoisseurs of couture, the tastemakers, and those with an insatiable appetite for the avant-garde, this „Fashion Hotlist“ promises an immersive encounter with the future of fashion. Be prepared to be transported into the realm of these fashion luminaries—individuals and entities that not only promise to reshape the industry’s trajectory but also redefine the very essence of what it means to be ‘fashion-forward’ in our ever-evolving world. It’s an opportunity to bear witness to the incipient moments of a transformative journey that is set to redefine sartorial boundaries. Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to know and watch this space! 

Stay tuned for the Fashion Hotlist – Straight Outta Germany 2024! 

ARREY BERLIN  -  Cameroon

ARREY has consistently been working with the interdisciplinary potential of both, fashion and fine art for her past ten years. The resulting designs, whose realization as well as whose positioning ARREY has perfected throughout her career, stand to prove her an extraordinary artist creating unique pieces with a lifespan beyond the dictation of fashion. Experimenting with precious fabrics and unconventional combinations of material brought her a fantastic reputation of setting trends rather than following the current dictum she mostly finds too short-dated to follow. So her designs draw inspiration from classical styles she appropriates by quoting and that are apt to accentuate the individual personality of the respective wearer who appreciates ARREY’s.

Photography @aneliajaneva

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Meriem Lebdiri - Algeria

“You can’t become a fashion designer!”

It didn’t take long for my 12 year old self to realize that everyone around me agreed with that statement. I was advised to pick something simple as my career. Something that suits a young woman.

The state-certified fashion designer and label founder Meriem Lebdiri is changing the view of fashion in Germany with her work, heralding a New Tomorrow in the fashion scene not only in this country but also internationally. In her designs, clear cuts meet flowing fabric. With her Algerian roots, Meriem manages to build bridges between cultures and thus raise diversity within the fashion landscape to a new level.

Drawing her inspiration from strong and extraordinary women, Meriem aims to give them back the power over their bodies through fashion with her pieces.Her successes can be seen in her collaborations, whether renowned fashion houses, museums, fashion weeks or film & television. Meriem is able to contribute her expertise to many projects. As a fashion design lecturer, she particularly enjoys helping the next generation of fashion designers become aware of diversity in the fashion scene.

Soji Solarin  -  Nigeria

SOJI SOLARIN is a summation of the experiences and voyages of founder and creative director, Soji Solarin.

From Nigeria, to Los Angeles, Tbilisi, and Berlin, Solarin has led an artistic existence of ‘solo residencies’. While his brand has also explored cultures outside his own making its presence felt in Moscow and Athens; thus embracing diverse representations.

As Solarin’s awareness has expanded on a global scale, his designs have undergone a metamorphosis, drawing inspiration from various sources. However, this voyage signifies more than just the evolution of the clothing itself.

While Solarin initially focused on using clothing to champion black identity, the seasonless brand has broadened to focus on connectivity and union as a whole. Telling stories untold, embracing the whimsical nature of myths, and exploring the intricacies of identity. This core philosophy has always been integral to SOJI SOLARIN and continues to shape the brand’s future.

Photography Nti

Photography Lena Wunderlich

InJewels - Ghana

We at InJewels want to offer special ideas a special stage!

InJewels, a unique jewelry brand founded by Stella Owusu, is making waves in the global Fine Jewelry scene. They expertly blend contemporary African design with cosmic energies to create beautiful, handcrafted pieces in their Berlin workshop. Stella Owusu, the heart behind InJewels, has a deep love for Ghana, her ancestral home. She sees InJewels as a way to share Ghana’s beauty and culture with the world. InJewels uses top-quality materials like 24 and 18-karat gold, platinum, vintage diamonds, and silver. They’re committed to responsible and ethical practices in sourcing and crafting, paying homage to Ghana’s rich heritage. But InJewels is more than just jewelry. InJewels is a force for positive change. What makes InJewels special is its focus on chakras and cosmic energy, promoting well-being through their jewelry.

Their goal is to empower individuals while adorning them with radiant jewelry. InJewels believes that their creations not only enhance well-being but also bring joy to those who wear them. It’s a celebration of beauty, craftsmanship, and positive energy, all in one.

Dennis Chuene - South Africa 

Founded in 2008 by South african born designer, Dennis Chuene -formerly known as Vernac.

Dennis Chuene is a Berlin based brand, built to inspire creativity, further the industry and push the unique and timeless craft of One of One products, craftmanship, limited edition pieces and design.

By offering a wide array of detailed tailored apparel with emphasis on individuality – I strive to invigorate our customers at the highest level.

Based on our philosophy and dedication to the craft, I don’t compromise on detail, craft,quality or time. The products I create are made to last and made to wear.

All products are hand made by the Dennis Chuene himself.
– One man two sewing machines –

Photography  @ajkmg_agency

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NNB - Cameroon


Noh Nee Benin – NNB – is a project with a mission – to create a bridge between local African artisans and the global stage of the fashion industry. We are a sustainable and ethical fashion brand that not only expresses Africa’s stylistic sensibilities and cultural narratives, but also showcases her vast wealth of talent. The opportunities are endless, and we’re thrilled to start tapping into some of these.


Our mother brand, Noh Nee, based in Munich, Germany, already started making this vision a reality. Their signature ‘Dirndl à l’Africaine’ combines the finest and most flamboyant African textiles and patterns with a classic Bavarian design. In 2011, the founders, Rahmee and Marie, set Project Justine into orbit, a non-profit organisation that’s based in Benin, West Africa.


Our project revolves around sourcing quality apparel ‘Made in Africa’ in a sustainable manner and through genuine fair trade. We want to encourage a positive social impact by re-defining our relationship with Africa, by shaking the habitual ways of wearing, designing and producing fashion. On the one hand, we’re using all the groundwork that was already put into Project

Reframd - Malawi/South Africa, Congo

Reshaping Norms.

REFRAMD is an award-winning, Google-supported, Berlin-based start-up founded and led by Ackeem Ngwenya and Shariff Vreugd.

Founded in 2020, REFRAMD is an innovative eyewear brand, redefining the norms of the eyewear industry and operating at the intersection of design, technology and fashion. We champion inclusivity and ensure that every individual, regardless of their face shape or size, finds a pair of glasses they love and fit perfectly.

Our brand name, REFRAMD, was chosen because it connects to eyewear frames and symbolizes viewing things from a fresh perspective. Additionally, we were drawn to the fact that “Ra” or “Re” is the sun god’s name in Egyptian mythology.

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Emeka is a black and green lifestyle enterprise. Black, because it is black owned, black made and created to empower African industries. Green, because it is using upcycled materials, aiming for a waste free production chain and exploring new ideas of sustainability.

Our business is rooted in Africa and seeks to bring change to its people and communities. We seek to overcome post-colonial supply-chains and create empowerment through ownership and employment. Emeka is a black-owned business employing local tailors in East and West Africa. This is not just important to push the black narrative forward, but especially important for the actual work opportunities we are creating for people who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves.

Our clothing is based upon the idea of resourcefulness. We use what is already there and upcycle materials that otherwise would be considered waste. Therefor we aim towards a more circular understanding of business and create an awareness for the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

FAAM Studio - Cameroon

Peeps is a French choreographer and creative director based in Berlin, Germany. It was on the streets of Paris in the early 2000s that he learned the art of hip hop dancing and then furthered his skills in New York City by learning House, Jazz and Tap.

FAAM Fashion label brings out unique pieces of clothing, and accessories, that blends fashion and movement. Each item has been carefully created to allow maximum movement and elegant flow so that the wearer can feel comfortable and empowered, while remaining authentic in any situation. Just like humans, our pieces are unique and often one of a kind. We draw inspiration from our various backgrounds and travels, mixing in international flavors from all continents. Also, given environmental concerns and the current state of the fashion industry, we will NOT “flood” the market with tons of product. Instead, we create small and capsule collections, real timeless pieces.

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Buki Akomolafe - Nigeria

BUKI AKOMOLAFE is a Berlin based clothing label founded by Buki Akomolafe in 2016.

Her German/Nigerian heritage bring a diverse background of tradition, handcraft, design experience, and aesthetic vision.

The designer spent her early childhood at the side of her father in Africa, who now manages an agricultural project in Nigeria (VPP Nigeria), which has allowed her to experience and appreciate a better conscious use of resources today. The label stands for Contemporary high-end women’s clothing with a slight hint to androgyny, precise tailoring and high quality eco materials.

The small-scale collections are fully handcrafted with care in her studio and a small manufacture in Berlin. Beside the Basic range, BUKI AKOMOLAFE is specialized in the creation of unique Quilt pieces, that are reversible and limited editions.

BUKI AKOMOLAFE is an homage to the gentlewoman of today. A refined balance between clean European classical tailoring and traditional craftsmanship, and techniques of West-Africa. Her creations are placed within a new and globally accessible context. The label uses only high quality, eco-organic materials like: certified cotton, organic Hemp-Silk, and  individual African waxprints.

Curation: Founder Beatrace Angut Oola

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