The Fashion Africa Now Podcast ignites interesting conversations with designers, creatives, historians, researchers, fashion players and industry experts on what fashion in African is today, systematically digging into its past and more importantly, shaping its future.

Taste of Fashion Africa Now

Connecting. Inspiring. Informing. Educating. It’s about the global African perspective! It is about us, the generation now defining the future of tomorrow. Changing perspectives and reclaiming the narrative. Here’s a taste of what to expect from our F.A.N Podcast series with Beatrace Angut Oola and some interesting movers and shakers in the industry.

The fusion of rich and diverse sub-nations, cultures, ideas and talents from the African continent, and by extension the African diaspora has produced irresistible trend-setting fashion, styles, aesthetics, sounds and a way of life globally. Yet in the shadows of this allure the conflict between slow fashion, sustainability in Africa and fast fashion is a conversation to be encouraged.

“The Fashion Africa Now Podcast will be hosted by Beatrace Angut Oola, an interdisciplinary fashion curator and advocate, out of Germany. Beatrace has spearheaded the conversation around inclusivity, curated exhibitions in Europe and Africa and has also championed the best in class practitioners in Africa and the Diaspora, to name a few of her activities.

Fashion Africa Now Podcast is an inspiring engagement that also offers an academic exchange and strives for business relevant topics. An episode will be released every two weeks.

The podcast series will focus on the African fashion movement in the international fashion industry and the creators of fashion in this sector. Cultural diversity is reflected in the work of the creative people and in their perspectives. Due to the interdisciplinary composition of music and design, the different cultures become visible and tangible. Themes such as “”Deconstructing Fashion””, moderately discussed, offer thoughtful insights and narratives relative to the African fashion scene and wider industry. It is a space for people who want to learn, support and understand the African fashion movement and its pop culture. We invite you to listen, share your thoughts and experiences, spread the narrative.

We are collaborating with Future Fashion for a special edition episode, “Future Fashion Made in Africa”. Offline our collaboration with Future Fashion ​​extends to hosting events for networking, knowledge transfer, exposure, market access for textile startups from Germany and African countries. The aim is to strengthen the sector of sustainable textiles and promote international exchange. With the influx of foreign designers on the African continent and its Diaspora, the need to promote conscious African fashion has become imperative.

Through this podcast, issues regarding sustainable textile consumption and the textile value chain will be deliberated. We will bring different perspectives, critical output, personal values, strong convictions and ideas to live.

The F.A.N Podcast is supported by the Future Fashion project – a joint project initiated by the Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), of the state of Baden-Württemberg, which is committed to the conscious and sustainable textile and fashion consumption.

The podcast is produced by APYA Productions and Social.Urban.Nature with financial support from the Ministry of State of Baden-Wurttemberg via the Baden-Wurttemberg Foundation for Development Cooperation (SEZ).