The designer LARRY JAY will be in town! 

For the first time LARRY JAY will be presenting his designs in Germany and we are hosting the two day POP UP in collaboration with Limala. The showroom Limala showcases beautiful Moroccan rugs. 

LARRY JAY is a unisex Ghanaian brand that has a unique and timeless personality living in a clean, diverse and progressive world. Our designs exude an understated style and emphasizes “tradition and comfort” with details and innovations that echo our West African heritage. – LARRY JAY 

Limala is the vision of Samira Mahboub and Zaid Charkaoui, celebrating Moroccan’s artisanal culture via highlighting the beauty behind the art of rug making within broader cultural storytelling. 

While both feel deeply connected to their Moroccan heritage but are based in Berlin, it felt very organic to create a decolonial project allowing them to share their understanding of Morocco with the world.

Location: Potsdamer Str. 91, 10785 Berlin 

Date: 7 – 8.10.2023 

Time: 7.10.23 |   2pm – 8pm 

Time: 8.10.23 | 12pm – 6pm 

Location: By Limala

Understanding the responsibility that comes along with engaging with Moroccan artisans, our core mission is to have a mutually uplifting work relationship with the artisans we work with, finding ways to deconstruct the postcolonial economic dependency of these rural communities. Ultimately, we are building an inclusive, mindful and conscious community with our customers and collaborators through Limala.

Samira & Zaid

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