Tokyo James, the trailblazing fashion house, proudly introduces its Autumn/Winter 2024 collection , a bold expansion that challenges prevailing stereotypes associated with designers from the global South. The collection aims to address the expectations set by Western societies, challenging the notion of what African designs should look like.

In a world where talents so often go unnoticed if they don’t conform to specific narratives or preconceived ideologies, Tokyo James explores individual and collective experiences working in the arts. This collection is a celebration of the inherent talents found across the African continent, across multiple disciplines, breaking free from the norm.

The AW24 line features universal designs that transcend geographical boundaries. Drawing inspiration from techniques deeply rooted in African heritage, such as intricate weaving, Tokyo James showcases the richness and diversity of the continent’s creative identity. Each piece is a testament to the inherent skills and craftsmanship embedded in the African cultural tapestry.

When envisioning African designs and fashion, Tokyo James encourages a shift away from clichéd stereotypes. The AW24 collection challenges the conventional narrative, presenting a fusion of modern aesthetics with traditional influences. It’s a vibrant and dynamic exploration of the diverse artistic expressions that emanate from Africa.

James and Nigerian born artist Yusuff Aina’s artistic collaboration blossomed from mutual admiration, rooted in shared experiences. In this endeavor, James delves into the constraints and stereotypes faced by African artists, prompting viewers to broaden their understanding of designers and creatives from the continent, and challenging any preconceived notions.

“Africa has always been an integral part of the global conversation, contributing immensely to the world’s cultural and artistic landscape but never getting its praise,” says Iniye James, the visionary behind Tokyo James. “This collection speaks of our heritage, a showcase of techniques, and a reminder that African designers and artistry are not confined to predetermined expectations.”

For the AW24 show Aina unveils a large-scale site-specific installation titled Domain Expansion. Drawing inspiration from the theme of ‘expansion’ present throughout the latest Tokyo James collection, the work will reflect the evolving phases of life, capabilities, and states of mind. Centered in the middle of the runway, Domain Expansion’s focal point, is a life-size sculptural figure from Aina’s ‘Eniyan’ series. ‘Eniyan’ is a recurring fictional character symbolizing the oneness of humanity and embodying the mantra of resilience. Yusuff Aina’s work has been made possible thanks to Retro Africa gallery, and was curated by Dolly Kola-Balogun, Founder of Retro Africa.

Reflecting on the project, Aina commented: “Domain Expansion” is more than a physical movement; it’s a mental, social, and spiritual journey. It challenges us to evolve beyond our known spaces, our ingrained ways of life, and our constrained beliefs. This installation invites viewers to contemplate their states of mind, whether they are bound by societal norms, political ideologies, or racial divisions.”

Contributing to the ever expanding voices of this generation of African creativity Yusuff and James have the opportunity to amplify the narratives and perspectives of the continent’s dynamic ecosystem. The AW24 collection stands as a symbol of empowerment, challenging those biased stereotypes.

About Tokyo James 

The journey of British Nigerian Designer Tokyo James began with a background in Mathematics at Queen Mary University London. Transitioning into a career in fashion, he started as a young stylist in London, working with various international publications and directing digital campaigns for prestigious brands such as Brioni, Issey Miyake, and Puma Black Label. Armed with years of experience, James introduced the authoritative digital monthly publication Rough UK, expanding its footprint to Rough Italia and Rough New York. Reflecting the desires of the modern man seeking simplicity with an edge, the Tokyo James fashion brand was born in Lagos, Nigeria, following James’s relocation from the UK.

About Yusuff Aina 

Yusuff Aina (b. 1997 in Nigeria) is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily works with acrylic and installation. From a young age, he has nurtured a passion for art and embraced creativity as an anchor point for navigating life. Aina’s artistic practice delves into psychosocial realities, exploring themes such as alienation, trust, belonging, and their impact on the environment and the mind. Through his work, the artist constructs alternative spaces and identities, expanding the boundaries of a constantly evolving visual language.


HEREU takes its name from the Catalan word for “heir”. True to this definition, the brand has worked since 2014 to produce contemporary accessories that redefine a distinctive heritage. HEREU’s shoes, bags and small leather goods are crafted in Spain by a network of family-run manufacturers. Looking to these artisans for guidance, HEREU’s design team are able to draw from a vast collective knowledge of traditional craft, applying it to the creation of effortlessly modern pieces. HEREU is proud of this duality and the new design possibilities it creates.

Photo credit: Benjamin Vitti

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