Fashion Experience – Decolonize Fashion is a fashion event that challenges the status quo of fashion and delves into the concept of decolonizing fashion. Using a variety of participatory media such as photographs, films, and sound installations, different performances and fashion installations will be presented. The focus is on raising awareness around the topic “Decolonize Fashion” and critically examining “waste colonialism.” Together, new narratives are to be created, stereotypes broken, and paths towards a fairer and more conscious fashion and design production established. The event takes place at the Design Zentrum Hamburg, where visitors have the opportunity to actively participate, listen, or simply be present and be inspired by the transforming world of decolonized fashion. A special emphasis is placed on the African fashion movement, where designers from various African countries are introduced, promoting positive change. An immersive experience will be offered, appealing to the senses in different ways, celebrating creativity and empowerment. It’s time to jointly initiate positive changes in solidarity and create a more inclusive fashion futures. Be part of this inspiring event and bring your vision of a better future!

For this event “Fashion Experience – Decolonize Fashion,” Beatrace Angut Lorika Oola is taking on the role of curator, with Deborah Fortes serving as co-curator. The event is held in collaboration with the Design Zentrum Hamburg and the exhibition “Conscious and Collective Love,” curated by Mawuto Dotou, who is a resident of the “Fonds für Junges Design” program at MK&G. Dotou developed the concept in collaboration with various communities focusing on themes of compassion and collective cohesion. The event features the self-governing Togolese skate crew “Blood Nation,” the international ballroom scene, a small queer community in Togo, and many more. As part of the “Design Walk&Talk,” visitors are invited to a guided tour of the exhibition at MK&G by Dotou. Afterwards, attendees will “walk” to the “Fashion Experience” event at the Design Zentrum alongside the designer. More information about the start of the guided tour will follow shortly.

Date: 26.5.2024 

Location: Design Zentrum Hamburg (Hafencity),  Hongkongstraße 8, 20457 Hamburg

Time: 15:30 – 21:00 

Free Entrance, the location is barrier-free

Register here 

CHO ROOM is a Hamburg-based DJ duo consisting of sisters Leau and Naomz, who specialise in black electronic music. We are happy to annnounce Afrobeats and HipHop DJ KWAAFI.

“Our Fashion Experience – Decolonize Fashion event is part of the Open Air DIGGAHH – Decolonial / Interactive / Societal / Collective / Current / Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

DIGGAHH is an open-air event organized by Hamburg-based initiatives from civil society and the BIPOC community as part of “Hamburg Decolonize: Initiative for Engaging with the Colonial Legacy of the City.” “Hamburg Decolonize” is a project by the Historical Museums Hamburg Foundation in collaboration with and funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media. Supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.”

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