Threaded Tribes is a brand that materialises and reinforces feelings of uniqueness and freedom.

The brand is a beautiful melange of distinct members of society and their ideas. With emphasis and value to create comfortable garments, Threaded Tribes is able to create a community with a sense of familiarity in the world of luxury and high-fashion.

Awurama Mankatah, the creative director and designer behind the Ghanian brand has strong beliefs in creating a space and a community within her brand, hence the name – ‘Tribes’. She was in a market looking at fabrics when she came across a mud cloth that started her Fashion House. Confused as to why nobody had seen what she was seeing in this intricately woven cloth, she chose the name of her brand, Threaded Tribes, and began creating her pieces.

The garments created at Threaded Tribes are made with fabric that stretches across West Africa. Most of the fabric comes from Mali, but some fabrics have their origins in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Alongside the design process of the clothes, Mankatah also creates visuals to play parallel to her fashion collections. As a label that prides itself in authenticity and uniqueness creating ethical clothes goes hand in hand with the company’s ethos. It is important to Mankatah that everyone who works with her is satisfied with the work, and because of this, and valuing of employees, Threaded Tribes is able to thrive allowing everyone to grow with it.

Threaded Tribes, was also showcased at Lagos Fashion Week’s Woven Threads exhibition. An exhibition that focuses on ethical and sustainable brands across Africa. Read more on the exhibition here.

Photography by Diego Asamoa
Photography by Diego Asamoa