TogetherNess – The idea was to connect with Ugandan creatives and highlight the beauty of the country’s creative industry. We believe in: Buy Ugandan, build Uganda!

The photoshoot for TogetherNess was realized as a collaboration in two different locations in Kampala. The idea was to create something together, although we did not know each other well and hadn’t worked together before. The dynamic that came from the teamwork while we were creating was very special and unique. I was on holiday and I met so many beautiful and talented people in Kampala. I wanted to capture the good moments in a project and decided to work collaboratively on a photoshoot with vibrant Ugandan creatives!  I am a creative producer, stylist, and curator based in Hamburg, Germany.  I love my work and I wanted to create a project in the country where I have my origin. As a kid of the Diaspora I adore my country – Uganda!

During the creation process, getting the team together, talking to collaboration partners and checking out locations a lot of positive energy developed. I believe that togetherness is very important and you can not share it with everybody. The shoot is about believing in yourself, trusting each other, relying on each other and being together. Strangers meet everyday, they connect, interact and separate. Connecting with new people can go one of two ways: be very delighting or painful. It is an experience that allows us to grow and become the human we want to be. It is about us, the people on this planet, the next generation in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Together and well connected we can be the change. The change begins in you!  – that is the story!

The Creative Team:

Photographer: Papashotit

Producer: Beatrace Angut Oola & Samuel Akena Odongpiny | APYA Productions

Styling: Beatrace Angut Oola

Make Up & Hair : Shariff Mwangi

Model Agency: Joram Model Management

Models: Ayak Veronica Bior, Immaculate Aliba & Ronald Waiswa,

Fashion Designers:
Gloria Wavamunno  |  Uganda
Eguana Kampala  |  Uganda
Merci Me  |  Uganda/London

Jewellery Designers:
Zaana  |  Uganda
Kyaligonza  |  Uganda
Embody Accessoires  |  Made in Kenya