The Lisa Folawiyo brand is one that expells confidence through their designs.

With the use of structured silhouettes and bold prints, the label achieves to create an image of unique beauty. The Lisa Folawiyo brand presents in its SS17 collection a fullness of colour and exudes vibrance – through her collections, Folawiyo reimagines femininity. Although many would shy away from bold colours, Folawiyo’s signature look is full of bold prints and patterns which along with embellishments, embrace a new age of femininity. In contrast to her structured dresses, Folawiyo is sure to create balance by using fresh and playful colours in her fabrics. The combinations of different colours and patterns are sure to make heads turn for this wearable and elegant collection.

woman with yellow skirt lisa folawiyo

Trained as a lawyer, Lisa Folawiyo did her education at UNILAG in Nigeria, but her interest quickly shifted to fashion and that is how Jewel by Lisa began. Drawing inspiration from all walks of life, Folawiyo is especially inspired by her mother and mother-in-law. She has never struck far from being unique and still maintains her signature textile; Ankara with glass-bead embellishments. With a true passion for her craft, Lisa Folawiyo hopes to still be creating and influencing the fashion world in her old age. Furthermore, Folawiyo finds importance in creating lasting impact and wants to help young people in the industry achieve their success.

Founder of many lines, Jewel by Lisa, Lisa Folawiyo, the JLabel and Pretty Precious; Folawiyo has made sure to cover a variety of aspects in the industry. The Lisa Folawiyo label is most likely to appear on runways around the world, whereas her other labels cater to different audiences, the JLabel being her diffusion brand.

Photography by Lakin Ogunbanwo