The 2x Grammy award winning and 4x platinum conscious Hip Hop trailblazers Arrested Development shouldn't need an introduction ... do you remember back in the days? "People Everyday" – "Mr. Wendal" – "Revolution" – "Tennessee".

Arrested Development, founded in 1988 in Atlanta and rising to fame in the 90s, took us to another level with their Hip Hop beats. The group reunited in 2000 and has been touring and releasing records on Speech Vagabond Productions and Speech Music. They are still doing their thing and we are so honoured that lead singer Speech found some time to share some insights with us…

When you guys first hit the scene there was loads of hype around you as one of the first conscious Hip Hop bands touring internationally – What did take with you from that time?

That it can be done! And done freaking well!


In 2016 Arrested Development released two albums. The first album is called „Changing the Narrative“. Why is it so important to be a game changer and what advice can you give the next generation?

We only feel the need to be a game changer IF the game needs changing. Back when we first came out there was a void in the narrative of HipHop, we wanted to fill that void and that’s exactly what we did. It just so happens to be similar today. We think the next generation should keep pushing the envelope!



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In the last five years, the contemporary creative Africa scene has been attention internationally. How would you describe this global movement and how relevant is it for your music? Is it changing perspectives?

We love this movement, it’s so important, vibrant, exciting and nourishing to the entire world! The world needs Africa in all of its strength, dignity and glory! It’s definitely changing people’s thoughts about the continents spirit and contribution to the world.


The digital world has changed the music industry, today Afrobeat and Afrohouse artists from Africa are conquering the music landscape with their fresh music vibes. How do you keep your brand fresh?

We get a great deal of our inspiration from the continent.


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What kind of contemporary African fashion brands inspire you and with whom would you like to collaborate?

I’m illiterate in fashion brands names, but I know what I like when I see it, and I’d LOVE to collaborate with many of the designers I’ve seen!


What keeps you smiling every day?

Spending time with my beautiful kids and wife. And touring with the group – we have tons of fun on tour! Also watching certain TV shows like Black-ish, and various stand-up comedians.


What are you currently working on? What can we expect from you in the future?

My mom owns a newspaper called the Milwaukee Community Journal and I’ve been writing articles and building an online presence for the paper.

Music-wise we are planning to release a 10 song project within the next few months. And probably for free too – so look out for that!


When will you be in Germany next?

We LOVE and miss Germany, we need someone to invite us there again, cuz we really wanna tour there again, it’s been far too long!


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