Celebrating Black Culture

Join Us for this 3 day festival in Bremen, you will find Beatrace Angut Lorika Oola on the 30th of June 23.

WHAT: Panel Talk with Paul Kadjo

Decolonizing Fashion

WHEN: 6.30pm – 7:30

Tickets/Admission: Donation recommended according to self-assessment

Notes on barriers: Access to the GAK (Society for Contemporary Art) is not barrier-free. However, it is possible to reach the GAK at ground level through the neighbouring TAU restaurant. Please note their opening hours. There are no wheelchair accessible toilets in the GAK.

Awareness: To create a safe space, an awareness team will accompany the festival. You will recognise the awareness team by yellow armbands.

Curated by Sheeko, graphic design Nicole Benewaah

Celebrating Black Arts, Fashion, Magazines, Books, Prints, zines, Pop Up, Shops, Handmade products, Performances, Music

Within the framework of the Black Art & Fashion Festival, we want to create a space in which Black, African and Afro-diasporic fashion and art are equally celebrated and a discourse is possible that critically classifies different processes of exclusion, exploitation and appropriation of Black, Afro-German and Afro-diasporic perspectives and seeks resistant answers to them. The festival takes place at the Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst (GAK) and is curated by Sheeko Ismail.

The Black Arts & Festival highlights how colonial continuity, racism and capitalist power structures intersect, but also critically examines fashion, aesthetic art and colonial entanglements and their continuities in our present.

The Black Art & Fashion Festival Bremen is meant to be an invitation to enter into conversation, discuss alternatives and network.