Our 3-day Exhibition Design Hub and Pop-Up event – APPEARANCE – will take place from 23.09. – 25.09.2022 at the Design Zentrum Hamburg in the harbour city, it explores how colonialism, racism and capitalism in fashion interact through a discursive, performative and artistic programme. The focus is on a critical examination of fashion’s colonial past, coloniality and its continuities in our present. For this reason, we mainly want to present marginalised positions of BIPoC as well as “fashion” practices from the global south, e.g. through fashion installations/workshop/ exhibition. While highlighting “alternative” views, we also discuss contemporary issues related to these practices in the here and now.

The project comprises two main themes:
1) Colonial Reappraisal, 2) Deconstructing Fashion.

We will look at existing structures through a decolonial and power-critical lens and explore the knowledge implications and relations through art and fashion. Finally, we want to define the next steps to overcome existing ideologies and move towards a more sensible and conscious fashion and design production. This kind of artistic production benefits from the synthesis of different academic disciplines, artists, activism, artistic genres and formats to create an innovative conglomerate.

Opening Hours

23. September 2022: 16.00 – 23.00
24. September 2022: 11.00 – 23.00
25. September 2022: 11.00 – 20.00




The workshop is free of charge!
We will have some fine beats from @Nerima Groove and some food design by @magdafoodprogramme.



Design Zentrum Hamburg
Hongkongstraße 8 (Eingang über Elbpromenade)
20457 Hamburg-Hafencity

WORKSHOP – fashioning the diasporic self by Mariama Sow

Bi_PoC* empowerment workshop on fashion, diasporic identity and clothing as an everyday practice of resistance.

  • What is your relationship to clothes?
  • What are your experiences of your body in relation to clothes in everyday life?
  • What stories do you want to tell with your clothes?

As Bi_PoC’s in Germany, we are constantly confronted in everyday life with stigmatising foreign perceptions and looks that make us “others”, classify us and reduce us to certain stereotypes. Various strategies have been developed to rebel against these images and looks. Clothing as a self-empowering tool and possibility of self-dramatisation can be part of this strategy in everyday life.


DE Version

WORKSHOP – fashioning the diasporic self Mariama Sow

Bi_PoC* Empowerment Workshop zum Thema Mode, diasporische Identität und Kleidung als alltägliche Praxis des Widerstands.

  • Wie ist deine Beziehung zu Kleidung?
  • Welche Erfahrungen mit deinem Körper in Verbindung mit Kleidung machst du im Alltag?
  • Welche Geschichten möchtest du mit deiner Kleidung erzählen?

Als Bi_PoC’s in Deutschland sind wir im Alltag ständig mit stigmatisierenden Fremdwahrnehmungen und Blicken konfrontiert, die uns zu „Anderen“ machen, uns einordnen und auf bestimmte Stereotype reduzieren. Es wurden verschiedene Strategien entwickelt, um uns gegen diese Bilder und Blicke aufzulehnen. Kleidung als selbstermächtigendes Tool und Möglichkeit der Selbstinszenierung kann im Alltag Teil dieser Strategie sein.

We have limited space for the workshop, please register under: press@fashionafricanow.com

Location: Design Zentrum Hamburg

We would especially like to thank our sponsors, the Goethe Institut Hamburg and the Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg. Our thanks also goes to our cooperation partners, Wildling, the Design Zentrum Hamburg and Freistil Rolf Benz. We are also delighted to have received goodies from cosmetics brand Emolyne from London and Einhorn, the sustainable contraception and periods brand. Apart from that we are delighted to have won Amarula, a creamy African liqueur and RedBull for our – APPEARANCE –  Design Hub and Pop Up event.

Cover picture: Emeka Suits
Photography: Foli Creppy