Founded in 2018, OLOOH is the sartorial and lifestyle tale of a 21stcentury artist from Côte d’Ivoire. Olooh means our in Senufo language and echoes Kader Diaby’s approach to creativity. Using fashion as a voice, he interprets his country’s untold stories and translates his personal experiences, observations and fascination for Abidjan culture.

While nostalgia has been fueling the fashion industry in the past few years, this new collection is more about a celebration and legacy than holding onto ghosts from the past. The collection Boulevard Lagunaire stems from the golden era of urban music in Côte d’Ivoire. Giving a contemporary outlook on the pioneering movements that birthed Ivorian popular culture and left an invaluable imprint in the late 90s and early 2000s — within and beyond borders.

In the words of creative director, Kader Diaby: The silhouettes are striking without ever compromising the minimalistic allegiance. Soft lines, artful prints and handcrafted decorative details. It is a  journey towards resources that were more consistent with the issues of our time and our surroundings. In practice, we work solely with linen, cotton and handwoven textiles. More suitable for tropical climates, these organic fabrics can fit any lifestyle. OLOOH is a truly Made In Africa brand, the prints are designed in house, mimicking the Batik technique with a very own twist. Hand painted first, they are then digitised and printed to minimise our impact on bee decline and water waste. As a finishing touch, we upcycle domestic brass to conceive our buttons.

Dipping into the reminiscence of Kader Diaby’s childhood, Boulevard Lagunaire tickles Abidjan’s past, present and future imaginaries. 

Photography: Kader Diaby
Edit: @1gramedinstants @hartdirector
Grooming: @manyshadesofninnin