Post-Imperial is a global lifestyle brand with an aesthetic expression of mythmaking, evaluating cultural futures through fashion. The brand expression is rooted in the African diaspora, the theory of humanizing materials to establish ethical responsibility, and the creative collaboration between artisans, matter, and the environment. This amazing fashion brand was founded by Designer Niyi Okuboyejo who is of Nigerian origin and based in New York.

Fashion Africa Now

For the designer Niyi Okuboyejo, mythology plays an important role within his design process and a 100% Made In Africa production. This collection was created in collaboration with Aisling, for what he is very grateful. The Jolllof Collection designed by the founder of Post-Imperial is truly a master piece. It was a challenge to connect all the dots, the belief of the brand philosophy in creating sustainable and eco friendly garments with emotional and financial investment into the communities within the continent. His fall 2020 collection goes beyond fashion and is a step into a new way of mythmaking. 

A source of inspiration for his collection has been the artist Lubaina Himid with the artwork – Man in a Jumper Drawer, 2018. Apart from this, the desire was to create a supple collection reminiscent of the West African dish jollof rice. The softness of the collection—in particular, relaxed, comfortable suits made out of chenille fabric, treated in the traditional Adire dyeing technique from southwest Nigeria. 

Photography: Joshua Kissi