Explore the fine art photography seriesA Lockdown experience, express yourself and be creative.  

The lockdown experience due to pandemic crisis was hard for many people around the world. While some are still locked down and social distance still prevents us from celebrating with our loved ones, I wanted to express this special feeling through a series of photographs. I decided to go to a wild beach in south France to celebrate mother nature,  I decided to wear a beautiful green butterfly dress to express my desire to elevate our society towards a world more respectful, mindful of our earth and used a transparent film inside which I tried to get out of. The transparent film represents the rest of our ancient world.

Born in a small town in the south of France, I grew up with the feeling that I did not fit in with the people in my immediate environment, the feeling of exclusion was strongly felt. Apart from that my passion for fashion, art and music was not appropiate at that time. I think this is due to my origin, because my parents are from Cape Verde. When I got older, I came to terms with it and found a balance and peace within myself. Thanks to my creativity and above all through photography I have been able to find my way to myself. My goal as a photographer and fine artist is to express myself to the fullest and that is why I always try to mix what I love: contemporary art, fashion, architecture and landscape, what I love as an African-European woman. I hope that my work will inspire people with the same consciousness from all over the world. By artist Dajadorosario!

About the Author

Dajadorosario is a  content creator, photographer and fine art artist, based in south France


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