A new image of Kenyan fashion, KATUSH, led by founder and designer Katungulu Mwenda is a modern and experimental brand.

About the Founder
Mwendwa has always been one to be surrounded by creativity, whether music or artisanal Kenyan craft, from birth it was evident that Mwendwa would also be creative. Upon completion of a fashion degree in the UK, she returned home to merge both her academic knowledge and her personal origins. Katungulu Mwendwa then formed KATUSH.

Something on the Production
As an eclectic brand, KATUSH creates bridges between the realm of culture and tradition. Following her grandmother’s footsteps, Mwendwa continues to enrich the community by providing work for local artisans to help realise her pieces. Katungulu Mwendwa is one to draw inspiration for the production of her pieces from all walks of life – being inspired by her surroundings in Nairobi as well as everyday experiences.

Newest Collection
The new collection being presented by KATUSH is Everyday Superheroes is truly an African collection. Drawing inspirations from the pattern illustrations on the mud cloths in Mali and typical Imigongo art in Rwanda coupled with the urban feel of Nairobi brings life and vibrance to Everyday Superheroes.

Photography by Katungulu Mwendwa

About the Author

Leoni-Almaz Reusing is a BA Media and Communications student and loves to write about topics related to the creative industry in Africa and the diaspora.