We collaborated with picture me different, production company and platform for discourse and exchange, MOSAIQE,  producer of handcrafted, 100% natural wood timepieces and the artist Armah for this photo series: "A Lifetime".

Armah’s body painting symbolises a non-permanent, temporary “life plan” on the body of the models. A certain, non-recurring moment in which all of the life-choices are visible in a unique, naturally artistic combination. On the one hand, the single elements of the patterns simply abstract dynamics which can form the lifestyle of a person. On the other hand, when these single elements come together on a human body, they symbolise the ever-changing variety of possibilities one lifetime can provide. We do not remember everything for a reason, we create our own real life.

Fashion Designer: Studio 1981
Accessories: Timo Multhaup
Watches: MOSAIQE

Photographer: Janto Djassiwww.picturemedifferent.com
Artist: Armah
Fashion Stylist: Beatrace Angut Oola
Hair and Make Up: Erika Neumann
Models: Julie Menke & Tarren Wait