Taibo Bacar is a Mozambican fashion label, that brings both high-fashion and ready-to-wear clothing to their collections.

The collection is inspired by the colonial era, which presents itself as a resistance to oppression. Taibo Bacar’s Colonial Era inspirations are interesting as they continue to maintain traditional Mozambican motives. The founders of the brand, Taibo Bacar and Tatiana Ismael, created a fashion house that not only produces beautiful womenswear but also gives confidence to the women that wear pieces from the collection. As fashion ran in the family, in growing up around seamstresses, it seemed almost inevitable that Taibo Bacar would one day also have his name present in the fashion world. Since its launch in 2008, Taibo Bacar (the label) have made a lasting impression and strong name for themselves in the fashion industry. They are considered one of the leading brands in African Fashion. You may have spotted them at Milan Fashion Week as the first African label to showcase their collection to the world fashion stage.

Taibo Bacar prides itself is creating pieces and collections that exude classicism and delicacy. As a womenswear brand, they emphasise that the silhouette of the garments is central to the final product. This means Taibo Bacar’s collections often bring emphasis to the waist, creating the revered elegant and feminine shape. Their collections are filled with energy and made for women who identify with an eclectic style. It is through precisely such sophistication that Taibo Bacar creates the look that is so appreciated and envied in women’s clothing!

Importantly, the Taibo Bacar brand ensures to stay close to its African roots, creating pieces that are inspired by- and remind us of nobility and African culture. The brand aims to bring together a connection between the women wearing the clothes and the collections they wear. There has always been a strong desire to bring life to the collections at Taibo Bacar and through many inspirations from culture, to politics and heritage, the brand achieves to make their clothes living.

Photography by Celso Zaqueu