Future Fashion Made in Africa is a project initiated in Germany with an international focus on Made in Africa. Access for companies as well as fashion designers from Germany, Africa, and the Diaspora in the form of mentoring, knowledge transfer, market access, and exposure will be made possible. A common goal of Future Fashion and Fashion Africa Now is the establishment of a creative business network and the international networking of local actors in African countries and Baden- Württemberg/Germany.

During the Africa Fashion and Sourcing Week, Africa’s largest trade event for the textile, clothing, and fashion industry, which took place from the 3rd – to the 6th of December 2021, selected brands were able to participate in the frame of Future Fashion Made In Africa network.

The perspective of urban, modern and cosmopolitan-oriented Africa remained obstructed for too long. Thanks to digital transformation and globalization, creatives enjoy a new presence. A booming young, dynamic, creative and business-oriented scene is growing and looking to secure a place in the apparel and textile industry. The interest of African designers, brands, and producers is shifting to the European export market.

But in line with the spirit of the times, the fashion industry must also authentically address the issue of sustainability. In this context, narratives around colonialism are essential, alongside topics such as environmental friendliness and fair production. It is time to break the one-sided and exploitative trade relations between Africa and Europe and to sustainably use and promote the potential of African and diasporic creatives. „Made in Africa“ and its qualities is being perceived in the fashion industry detached from developmental aid projects in the last years and the interest in brands that are of African origin is growing.


The following brands were part of the Future Fashion Made in Africa trade fair appearance in Addis Ababa:


Brand: Shekudo

Name: Akudo Amy Iheakanawa

Country: Nigeria

Bio: Akudo Amy Iheakanwa was born in Sydney, Australia to a Nigerian father and Australian mother and relocated to Lagos Nigeria in 2017 with the aim of investigating the craftsmanship and fashion design culture in Nigeria and the wider continent. After extensive research into the footwear production scene and other traditional design techniques, Akudo became drawn to the footwear sector and felt the need to shed more light on this growing industry.



Name: Isa Konga

Country: Germany/Angola

Bio: The name says it all: Launched in 2019, YOGA KONGA is a clothing brand that unites yoga with the African continent. Konga is the last name of Isa, the founder of YOGA KONGA. The pieces of the collection are in essence yoga wear but are designed as a second skin for any occasion, making them wearable at home, during everyday activities, and in any type of sports.


Brand: Margaux Wong

Name: Margaux Rusita

Country: Burundi

Bio: Margaux Wong, founded in the year 2000 and based in Burundi, East Africa, is an international, multi-cultural jewelry and accessories brand. Margaux Wong`s artisans transform discarded cow horns and brass into luxurious, beautiful treasures.


Brand: Akuko, Bamboo socks with African pride

Name: Arinze Emegoakor

Country: Sweden/Nigeria

Bio: Founded by Arinze Emegoakor in 2019, with roots in Nigeria and feet in Sweden, Akuko is a sustainable, colorful, and high-quality bamboo wear brand that tells African stories through fashion. Translated, Akụkọ means „story“ in the Igbo language: every product comes with a story. The vision is to change stereotypical and negative narratives about the African continent and people of African descent worldwide with the help of storytelling. Let your style tell a story!