OYIN STUDIO  is a new Gabonese brand, launched this year.

Founded in late 2019 by Shawn OYINI , whose objective is to promote the continental know-how and redefine the Gabonese’s fashion. In this first collection entitled “Local” the brand re-interprets a timeless environment of an old fashioned friends photo shoot party.

OYIN STUDIO is a modern fashion space inspired by the old fashion African “art de vivre” long and wide, with “Chic and conservative” silhouettes refined but relaxed. OYIN STUDIO aesthetic is a fusion between casual and luxury, a perfect equilibrium of comfort, confidence and elegance,  with a feminization of men and a masculinization of women, made in different types of organic fabrics with  tailoring techniques specific to the brand.

OYIN STUDIO is handmade in Gabon with sustainable pieces and only on demand, first of all to avoid the mass consumption and secondly to preserve the exclusivity. Inspired by the late 60’s & early 70’s, this debut collection is more about conceptuality, modernity, cuts, forms and detailed fabrics. So It keeps the brand youthful and easily inserted into plethora of daily living.

Photography: NAOMI MUKADI
Artistic Assistant : Adam Vassort
Designed and Styled by Shawn André OYINI