Nola Black presents, „Further down the lane“, an editorial conceptualized with nostalgia in mind. Through the life & times of Folasade, a budding cutting edge intersectional creative mind, we bring into juxtaposition a reminiscent childhood infused with dreams, geography, culture and the magic of childhood hope.


About Nola Black

Established in 2016, Nola Black is a Nigerian pret-a-porter womenswear clothing line. The brand prides itself in finding and honing in on the dual nature of entities in a world and fashion scene that espouses singularity. For the brand, everything exists in twos, or rather in “halves that make a whole” and there is beauty in this. It is simple and yet sophisticated. Nola Black shows us we can be curious about the existence of light in colour – in this sense, black represents the absence of light and white the presence of all colour. Such great juxtaposition between the two and yet the halves make one interconnected whole.

Further Down the Lane

Through the life & times of Folassade, a budding cutting edge intersectional creative mind, the brand brings in to juxtaposition a reminiscent childhood infused with dreams, geography, culture and the magic of childhood hope.

Having experienced multiple lives through movement, one location different from the other yet similar. Mr Biggs, a local Nigerian diner, famous in the 90s and early 2000s, represents a recall to an inkling full of hope in the future. Coming back to a place, somewhere that holds a feeling, all the things that were smaller in memory are revived.

The Nola Black Woman

The essence of the brand seeks to find a balance in extremes by creating a dynamic combination of contrasting elements. The brand is moreover focussed. Slow fashion with a meaning, a language for „deliberate expression“ and a companion on one’s journey of individuality. Their pieces are art, poetry and expression all in one. Through clothing, Nola Back aims to equip the modern woman with the right tools for layered self-expression. The Nola Black woman stands out. She evolves, she has personality and she is edgy.

Nola Black is changing the image of exportation out of Africa through visual storytelling. Their existence is a revolution against the current monolithic image of fashion and Africa being purported today. The amalgamation of all these elements makes for a beautiful story about the oneness of the pieces Nola Black creates – a reflection of the oneness of the Continent.

Brand: Nola Black @nolablackng
Creative Director: Arinola Olowoporoku @arin_nolablack
Photography: Chuka Nwobi @chukwukanwobi
Muse: Folasade Adeoso @lovefola
PM: Ifedayo Olowoporoku @ifedayo_
MUA: Seyi Scott @seyiscott_mua
Location: Mr Biggs, Lagos Nigeria