SheKudo: A sustainable label; both socially and environmentally – SheKudo is at the forefront of Sustainable Fashion.

A transformed vision, a transformed brand. Shekudo, once a womenswear brand founded in Sydney, Australia, now focuses on footwear and accessories in Lagos, Nigeria. Similarly to Katush, Shekudo also prides itself in empowerment and slow, sustainable fashion.



Founded by both Akudo Iheakanwa and Shetu Bimpong, the brand is now creatively directed by Akudo Iheakanwa from Lagos. Born and raised in Australia, Iheakanwa has a background in community development, working in health and with youth. Her background has motivated her to relaunch the brand in Nigeria and have a focus on the community, and trying to involve more women into the Shekudo family.


As a reconstructed brand has realigned its core values and is now engaged in the local aspect of sustainability. Shekudo has successfully created more awareness of traditional craftsmanship in Nigeria by successfully including local artisans into the production of their creations. With an integration of the new and the old, the creative direction is able to create designs that speak to the contemporary eye, while staying true to heritage and culture. As a sustainable brand, Shekudo aims to use locally sourced materials, for example, using recycled insoles and lining for the shoes. Furthermore, Shekudo uses traditional Aso Oke/Akwete cloth.


Shekudo Shoes

One of the many things mastered by Shekudo are their shoes. Shekudo shoes are one of a kind, and their production line works on a make to order line, so the shoes are truly made for you. The brand is known for their woven heeled mules and their woven slippers.

Interview with Akudo Iheakanwa


Why is it important to produce locally?

We believe very strongly about producing local when it comes to Shekudo because our story is rooted in the Nigerian people and culture. We want to bring the story to the world, particularly the story of craftsmanship. By producing locally, we are trying to maximise repair, remake, reuse and recycle components of our products keeping circularity in mind. Our brand’s purpose and products are intimately connected to Nigeria and our people behind them so 100 per cent of our products have been manufactured within Nigeria allowing us to invest in the local economy and that to us is important.


What are the inspirations for Shekudo designs?

Colours – I’m inspired by locations. Places I’ve been within Lagos and across the world that move me. I store colour combinations in my head, often writing them down and recreating them in my designs. In terms of silhouettes; I work with a picture of everyday well-known silhouettes so that the eye is not overwhelmed with a complicated silhouette and fabric/materials to match. In the new collection, I’m working with soft organic shapes. Materials; I try to use what we have on ground, whether that is items I can repurpose and bring new life to or century-old traditions that I want to put a modern spin on and share to the world.


If you had to pick one pair of shoes from your collection to wear for the rest of your life, which pair would it be and why?

I have a different love for each of our designs but I have to say I am always wearing my Kakawa mules (I have them in two colours)! I love them dearly. I used to wear them literally every day trudging around the streets of Lagos (even very rocky unfinished streets). The design of these shoes is ultra-feminine, goes with almost every outfit and because of the thick heel, I can make a run for it with ease if I need to ha!


How does the ideal future for African Fashion world look?

Taken seriously, supported by our own people (customers), supported by our government through grant initiatives, training programs and export promotion, on par with international fashion brands and given equal opportunity just like them. However, African fashion cannot be taken seriously if our own government and other bodies in the industry are not helping the industry to grow! If we cannot produce at scale or our craftsmen are not finishing items well due to lack of knowledge, we will continue to hit ceilings and just be a momentary fad for the fashion world.


What is the future for Shekudo, and what can we expect to see in upcoming collections?

Despite the unforeseen direction that the world has taken, we still have plans in place to grow the brand. Super excited to share the new collection, we are working with new local elements and will be taking a new direction in our marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. We’ve fortunately picked up some wonderful stockists as of recent and plan to grow by December to reach our customer base better.

Photo by Akudo Iheakanwa
Photo by Georgia Perry Photography
Photo by Akudo Iheakanwa
Photo by Nwando Ebeledike