Fueled by research and the designer’s fundamental understanding of the differing iterations of blackness, the eponymous label SOJI SOLARIN was founded in Los Angeles, in 2016. Shortly after the designer’s graduation from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Now based in Berlin, Soji Solarin was awarded the Global Talents award in Fall 2019.

SOJI SOLARIN - Journey Just Come

Soji Solarin is a Nigerian born contemporary fashion designer whose experience and perception on racism in Germany and world view offer a unique perspective on ‘Blackness’. Moving to America from Nigeria at the age of 13, he’s drawn inspiration from hidden figures such as the Black cowboys in America, which we later see reflected in Soji’s first collection “Negro Cowboys“. From Nigeria to Maryland, Los Angeles, lang haul to Berlin, where he’s now based, to Moscow where he debuted his Spring 2020 collection at MBFW – Soji has been able to identify and distinguish the disparities in how he’s been received as a Nigerian-born, but also more encompassing, as a Black person. “It’s very easy for white people to just like find their place and their identity… and Black people just have to search around.” The different nuances and racial climates has propelled his approach when designing his collections, to reflect the global malleability and pride of Blackness. “I would love to be part of why people see Black people in a better light.. and contribute something fruitful to the world”.

Photography: Matias Alfonzo @matiasalfonzo_
Styling: @lawrie_abei
Art Direction: @matheazara