Realfake shoes is a concept by young Ghanaian creatives. The next generation came together for a real fake talk on streetwear in Ghana.  Creatives are expressing their views on streetwear and sharing their influence in the international streetwear culture. What do we know about African streetwear? International brands like Nike spotted young talents on the African continent and opened with collaborations a whole new space for an emerging scene. A brand needs a good story to be successful, the creatives talk about African stories and how the western world can relate to them. “ Taxi Is Not Allowed“ What is the story behind it?  In a globalized world different perspectives and ideas come to life. A new African generation is defining their lifestyle and living their dreams. Streetwear is a globalized way of dressing that has a local meaning. It gained a lot of popularity throughout the years, also in Ghana. What does streetwear in Ghana look like and what are the future perspectives? Watch the video below to see how the OGs and young guns in the Ghanaian streetwear industry move and talk about their labels, culture and dreams. The goal of the talk is to show what is happening in Ghana in and around streetwear and to share it with the world.