Maxivive Cruise 2021 collection, features a pot of references and inspiration from modern trade culture. The collection is punctuated with a mix of neutrals in pink, bright green, black, lace, and feral prints that feel luminous.

A feeling of freedom dominates the ideas for Cruise 2021 which is about the dynamic of being able to live free and uncontrolled in life. The collection created by Papa Oyeyemi has a remarkable depth of inspiration from which to draw; hairdo in latex, delicate gold-tone buckle pants, and jewelry. Accessories include a buckle and neck chain in the form of a folded hand, alluding to the fact that together we are a strong force for change.

Papa notes, „On multiple counts, a Trade is an outsider: in matters of sexuality; in terms of geographical and cultural dislocation; and in the sense of having to become the sort of respectable grown-up the society might have hoped for. But a Trade’s Identity has been constructed from his sense of otherness, whether cultural or sexual. The two aspects are not separate. Fashion in this case is the tool in which he feels most confident in expressing himself. It is fashion, therefore- liberating and somewhat androgynous – which he must use not just as an instrument, but as a weapon if he is to resist attacks on his integrity and, indeed, his existence on his terms. If a Trade chooses to trade on purpose and openly by owning up to it, then he shows that black men from the third world have not previously revealed either to their people or the West a certain shocking fact: they can desire each other.“



creative director | papa oyeyemi
communications director | shola bamidele
photographer | wilson onwuka
makeup artist | halid razak
hair stylist | cutting crew
hair by richies