Viktor Ekpuk creates afro-futuristic art pieces and constellations around the globe. Influenced by his Nigerian heritage, he has launched his latest clothing line.

You walk into the room and initially you attempt to understand the writings on the wall. These glyphs are inspired by an ancient writing system, called “Nsibidi”. Viktor Ekpuk, the creator of this room-sized installation, invites visitors to sit and learn, while letting the signs create an imprint of knowledge in the readers’ mind.

Victor Ekpuk’s chalk mural “Divinity” at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Photo by Ben McKeown

Unlike the roman language, not every symbol has a meaning. It is the collection of symbols that bring about the idea.

Afro Blue”, drawing by Victor Ekouk fir the Museum of African Diaspora, San Franciso

“They’re always eager to know what the symbols mean. People come into the room and feel like they are in a sacred space where they should learn something”, he states in an interview about his latest installation, displayed in Summer 2019. Inspired particularly by his Nigerian heritage, he named it “The Shrine to Wisdom”.

- “The Shrine to Wisdom” by Viktor Ekpuk. Displayed in an exhibition at the Somerset House, London

Viktor Ekpuk’s works are futuristic, infused with Afrocentrism. He allows his African cultural background to influence his contemporary language. Based on that, he created his own and shares it. Not only through art galleries and exhibitions but also through his clothing line.

“Wear your art out” is his way to create individualism and freedom of expression. Each clothing item has an individual design. Just like the canvas or pieces of art, he creates for display.

Particularly unique is the infusion of his signature language on each piece. One might say, he speaks through them, each having a different message.

Author: Ruth Isabella Peters