Fashion Africa Now is a media brand for contemporary creative Africa. Celebrating creativity, culture, identity and featuring the names and faces behind it. We are establishing a network that connects the creative scene in Africa and Europe. The vibe is confident, fresh, intriguing, inspirational and fashionable.

new narratives


Fashion Africa Now is a global, informal, unique media brand presenting and introducing curated content from an African and Diasporic perspective. We empower, provide space, knowledge, visibility and celebrate the creative industry collaborators. For us it is important to have a dialogue about the global African aesthetic.

Events and Exhibitions

Fashion Africa Now collaborates internationally with creative industry collaborators or cultural institutions to curate talks, exhibitions, Pop Ups, trade shows and events. We have partnered with Museum am Rothenbaum Hamburg, Museum Rietberg Zurich, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Goethe Zentrum Kampala, 32º East I Ugandan Arts trust, Goethe Institut Kigali, Social Media Week Hamburg and Lagos and Museum of Decorative Arts Berlin.

In May 2018 we co-hosted our first exhibition APPEAR a space for cultural exposure and abstract thoughts. It featured artist from Hamburg, Vienna, Johannesburg and Kampala.

what we do

We are breaking stereotypes, changing perspectives and the narrative. We offer consultancy services, curation, content creation, creative workshops, event, photo and video production, for institutions and the fashion industry. Our aim is to target into markets in the creative economy in Africa and shine a spotlight on ingenuity and creativity. We stand for participation, inclusion, representation and we support vocalising marginalised narratives with creative solutions.

our story

Our founder Beatrace Angut Oola founded the creative agency APYA Productions in 2012 and launched the pioneering platform Africa Fashion Day Berlin (AFDB) in January 2013. AFDB was relaunched in 2016 as Fashion Africa Now – staying true to its predecessor’s fashion roots, but also branching out into new creative fields. Her passion for contemporary fashion, the difficult access to the fashion industry in Africa and Diaspora as well the lack of coverage led her to found this platform. The platform permanently creates space for afrocentric artistic perspectives from within the collective and develops its own formats that bring new public spheres together.

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